After hearing about this and researching I I think I am going to swear off the hair dye and fall graciously into whatever color I am meant by nature to have, some people believe it is a box dye thing, but this was a top salon quality from someone who dyes her hair constantly (a natural blonde) Pauley is known for her role on NCIS as Abby. Scary scary and people can die from it.

#Leverage trivia @ChristianKane01 gained weight for the episode The Tap Out Job where Eliot takes on “Tank”. Tank is played by UFC fighter Matt “The Law” Lindland.

Who is excited for @BethRiesgraf in #Complications coming soon! #Flashback to The Tap out Job 

"Thats what he does."


season 1 vs. season 5

Just sayin’

Just sayin’

Currently ava. for streaming on @NETFLIX see @TimHutton in the 2008 film Reflections where he stars as europol agent Tom Brindle who is working the case of a serial killer in Spain known as Pygmalion.

I have seen this movie a few times before and without giving anything away let me tell you I highly recommend checking it out.